Go-Go Gadget arms (jollygreenpear) wrote in thatdirtywater,
Go-Go Gadget arms

Nearing the end

As you can probably tell, things are kinda slow here, it being the offseason and all.
It's a common reaction to be bored, depressed, and highly impatient for the 2008 season to begin.
As a cure, I'd like to introduce to you all one of my ALL-TIME favourite Red Sox fansites that I have ever come across.


Hosted and brought to you by center_field, this site is absolutely JAM-PACKED with photos (some rare), videos (clips from games, interviews, etc.), and entertaining commentary.
I highly recommend that you all take a peek (probably not dial-up friendly?), you will not be sorry!
Also, be sure to check out the advent calendar on the right-hand side. A countdown 'til Christmas, each day has a post dedicated to one Red Sox player from the 2007 roster. Enjoy!

I hope you all have a Happy Holiday, and a wonderful New Year's! If I don't post again this month, which is possible, see you in 2008!
Tags: # promoted sites

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