[Mraz] heart to ground

While I mope around because I won't be able to watching Games 1&2

Before we all head out to the next series, I wanted to point out yet another resourceful Red Sox fansite:


Looking for pregame/postgame coverage, video, analysis, links, etc? Well, this is your best bet for many things New England. Hosted by Ian and Steve, this site will keep you up to date with all happenings quicker than Josh Beckett's fastball. Trust me, you won't leave this place unsatisfied.
[Mraz] heart to ground

Offday blues

Other than the Beckett Bowl and Jon Lester being off the market, yesterday was just a dull, summer's night. In case you're like me and are finding yourself constantly refreshing your friend's page, I'm here again to point you in the direction of another fantastic Red Sox photo site.


The personal site of sittingstill is an awesome source for one-of-a-kind Red Sox photos, an up-close and personal experience with the team as she is somehow able to follow the team for a good amount of games and events. She's able to capture rare moments that you can't find anywhere else, so go check it out! Just make sure that credit's where credit's due when using photos.
[Mraz] heart to ground

Nearing the end

As you can probably tell, things are kinda slow here, it being the offseason and all.
It's a common reaction to be bored, depressed, and highly impatient for the 2008 season to begin.
As a cure, I'd like to introduce to you all one of my ALL-TIME favourite Red Sox fansites that I have ever come across.


Hosted and brought to you by center_field, this site is absolutely JAM-PACKED with photos (some rare), videos (clips from games, interviews, etc.), and entertaining commentary.
I highly recommend that you all take a peek (probably not dial-up friendly?), you will not be sorry!
Also, be sure to check out the advent calendar on the right-hand side. A countdown 'til Christmas, each day has a post dedicated to one Red Sox player from the 2007 roster. Enjoy!

I hope you all have a Happy Holiday, and a wonderful New Year's! If I don't post again this month, which is possible, see you in 2008!